15 Benefits of Starting a Podcast

A website is an advisable tool for promoting your business.

Hilarious, right? Because you know that a website is a non-negotiable for promoting your business.

Stop. Rewind back a decade, and that’s the kind of advice you would’ve received from some of the more forward thinking people in this world.

Today, those forward thinking people recommend starting a podcast.

Here are a few reasons why.

You Will Benefit Personally From Podcasts Because:


#1: Podcasts are inexpensive

Podcasts cost you little to nothing, depending on the equipment you choose to use.

You probably already have a laptop, and your laptop probably already has a recording function. Throw in a microphone, a passion-filled voice and bam, you’ve made yourself a podcast.

Of course, the better your equipment and software, the better your podcast sound and editing will be. But this expense is totally your choice.

If you want to look into some recommended expenses, check out this podcast equipment guide.

#2: Podcasts are quick and easy

Podcasts are also really simple and quick to do.

You decide how long you want them to be, what structure you want them to take, and how much editing they need. But, remember that the better prepared you are before you hit ‘record’, the less editing you’ll need to do.

Editing Apps like Audacity, Call Recorder and Pamela could help you clean up your podcast in a jiffy, and at minimal cost.


#3: Podcasts build self-confidence

We hear it time and time again.

Teacherpreneurs and online business owners globally report increased self-confidence when they start and run their own podcasts.


#4: More personal than blogs, but more comfortable than video

While video can be interesting, they’re often slower and bigger to download for your audience.

And they’re certainly a little more uncomfortable for those of you who aren’t mad about being on camera.

Podcasts offer the opportunity to reveal your personality, without the need for that hair and makeup artist.

Podcasts Can Benefit Your Business By:

#5: Marketing your brand and expertise

As a compliment to your blogs and other social media sites, podcasts are a great way of marketing your brand and your authority as an industry expert.

How? By hosting interesting, informative podcasts that offer value, rather than a sales pitch.

As an example, we try to offer experience, advice and useful information for teachers with an entrepreneurial spirit on The Teacherpreneur podcast.


#6: Leading people to your online sales funnel

A sales funnel is a buying process, made up of a sequence of well thought out steps, that companies lead customers through when purchasing products.

Podcasts can be a great way to get new prospects into your funnel online.

Once that follower trusts and believes in your expertise and the value that you promise to deliver on, they want more.

And so those followers start to become paying customers. Paying customers who make online purchases, sign up for memberships, and tell their friends and colleagues about your brand.

So, if you offer real value in your podcasts, and then direct listeners to where they can purchase further information and services, you’ll be on your way to creating a sales funnel for that recurring revenue stream.  

#7: Reaching a new audience

In the US Podcast listening grew by almost 25% between 2015 and 2016 (source: Convince & Convert), and is on the rise. This means more followers (and more potential customers) every year.

And many of these listeners will be a different audience to those who read your blog or purchase your online products.

This makes podcasts an excellent way to expand your reach.


#8: Claiming space in a relatively untapped media

Here’s a shocking stat. Only 3% of marketers are actually using podcasts.

But this is great news for you. Because this means that there’s a gap in the market for you to establish your podcast before others catch on.

#9: Landing you speaking, coaching and workshop gigs

So many of the podcasters out there have landed amazing gigs.

People listen to podcasts, love  what they hear, and ask the host to present at conferences, speak at clubs, and hold workshops. Some podcasters even get asked for personal coaching sessions.

Remember that podcasts are a demonstration of your work. You’re not only marketing your business, but you’re marketing yourself.

Here are a few of the great US podcasters who have made it big: Tim Ferriss, Pat Flynn, and Tropical MBA. There’s also a great group of Aussie podcasters doing well too.


#10: Deepening your relationship with customers

Blogs allow some opportunity to reveal your personality. But podcasts are the real window to the true you.

Hearing your voice, your laugh, hearing you in a live social interaction with a guest. All of this adds a personal touch, a sense that the audience is there with you.

This means that you can get more intimate, and make more loyal, lasting connections with your followers.

#11: Building a sense of brand & community

Now, podcasts might seem like a one-sided vibe.

You talk, others listen, right? Well, not exactly.

By making your audience feel like they’re actually there, actually part of each podcast episode, you create a community of people with common interests.

And that common interest could be your brand.

The Merrymaker Sisters have done an incredible job of leveraging their iTunes “New & Noteworthy” ranked podcast to build their brand and grow a following.

The Teacherpreneur’s own Jarrod Robinson was invited as a guest on Episode 70 of their show to share his thoughts on how to build an app for your business. Listen to it here.


#12: Documenting and recording your stories

Podcasts are also quite simply a way to document and record all of the interesting thoughts, conversations, interviews, and product reviews that you’ve done over time.

You can reference podcast episodes on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and other social media whenever they become relevant.

And Your Followers Will Love It Because Podcasts:


#13: Are easy and convenient to consume

As many as 64% of podcasts are listened to on smartphones or tablets.

With a rise in the availability of mobile apps for podcasts, finding, bookmarking, and sharing podcasts has never been quite so easy for listeners to consume.

In the car in traffic, during lunch at work, or chilling at home on the couch… the podcast is at the fingertips of hundreds of thousands of people every day.  


#14: Are a single point of focus

Blogs, websites, Facebook pages. They’re all flooded with information for the eyes.

From ads, to links to other popular articles. This becomes a challenge for the reader to stay focused on one piece of writing.

But, the podcast is made for the ears! This means that all the clutter is gone, and you can get your listener’s’ undivided attention.  


#15: And quite simply, offer value

And saving the traditional best for last. Podcasts offer your listeners value.

Podcasts can be a really creative medium. By using interviews with key market players, group discussions with experienced and interesting people, or fun product reviews, you can explain concepts and reach your audience in a way that couldn’t be achieved in writing.

This means more learning, and more knowledge gain, for those who take the time to listen.


Good things come to those who… go out out get them!

So, with so much to gain, we encourage you to give this podcasting thing a try.

If you need some help getting started, have a look at The Podcast Host for a comprehensive guide to reaching that podcast success.

If you prefer that somebody else take care of the production there are done-for-you services available.

Want more awesome entrepreneur tips? Tune into the Teacherpreneur podcast now and leave a review if you like it.

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