3 Ways to grow your audience online with Daniel Jackson

So how do you grow your audience online? In this post teacherpreneur Daniel Jackson shares exactly how he’s doing it.

It has been said time and again that teachers make the best entrepreneurs, with their education, knowledge on technology and a high sense of creativity; it is almost difficult to see a teacher in a non-entrepreneurial light.

The teaching profession is not as easy as it sounds, it has its ups and downs just like any career out there and it takes a great deal of commitment and passion to be able to do it for years successfully.

Daniel Jackson is one among many teachers who has been able to venture into the world of entrepreneurship while still pursuing his teaching career which he is passionate about.

He is currently a teacher at senior school whose main focus is HSC PDHPE.

He is the founder and owner of pdhpe.net and he shows us that it is possible to have the best of both worlds, through his teaching career and entrepreneurship ventures.

Daniel’s greatest selling product recently has been his complete HSC package for teachers of PDHPE and below are his tips on how to grow your online audience.

How To Grow Your Audience Online

STRATEGY 1: BUILD A Strong Social Media Presence

Growing a strong social media presence, especially through facebook, is one of the various strategies Daniel Jackson attributes to growing his online audience.

Social media helps engages your audience in interesting conversations that lead to generating more traffic which counts as killing two birds with one stone.

“For me one of the most effective strategies has been my Facebook page. Since setting it up, I have run a few competitions with my page, where I gave away HSC PDHPE packages to 2 or 3 winners.”

He told them to liked, tagged and shared the posts, the more they do this the more chances they have are likely to win.

This always led to around 300-400 more likes on his page than the usual link to his website content.

This strategy boosted his facebook presence and also created more traffic to his website.

STRATEGY #2: Attend Events and Track the Hashtag

Events can be a great way to drive leads and sales.

Daniel encourages entrepreneurs to make presentations at events and to speak to audiences whenever they get the chance.

“Being an educational site, I have also found presenting at conferences very useful, as people see me and that I represent my business on the material for the conference and then often check out my site.

Once teachers like the site, they then use it in class with their students. But I think with the internet, the best thing I have done it written my entire site myself, with a unifying theme that links to my content.”

STRATEGY #3: Grow a Responsive Email List

An email list not only provides you with a community of your own ideal clients, it also a great method of reaching various prospects as well as establishing long term relationships with your clients.

Building an email list is something that you will do throughout so you might as well do it thoroughly because it is not a short term project.

This is something you will continue to do as you continue to grow your business and you will therefore require great strategies to help you capitalize on the best features of an email in order to grow your audience and client base and therefore generate more sales and leads.

You have to realize that by straining every nerve to get new subscribers everyday and delivering valuable content to those who are already in your list you are setting yourself up for more abundance and more success which is exactly what I want for you.

Why Email Marketing Matters A lot

The rate at which email marketing is effective will blow your mind, think of it this way;

Most people in the world use their emails to create different accounts, eg. Facebook, pinterest, twitter, tumblr and these are all social media platforms that could bring you traffic.

  • Through email you can connect with your users regardless of the device they might be using.
  • Email helps you nurture good flow to your website by giving a kick-start to your business/company
  • Email address keeps you on the know on whether your user is at home or at work
  • Most people in the world never delete their email address, they keep them for years.
  • And most importantly, email is one of the most direct ways of to reach your audiences one on one.

Daniels says:

“I had a small list when I launched this product… but relied on Facebook and my own site traffic more than my list.”

If your website does not pop up in the first page of Google, your website is dead to your buyers.

It is important to ensure you have great content that covers what your site is all about and the perks that come with engaging in your website as opposed to your competitors; more importantly, the content needs to be SEO friendly.

“I have great SEO on every page and now come up first in Google for just about anything that you search that includes “pdhpe”. This has meant students have found my site through Google when doing their assessment tasks, and often used what I produce to do their task.

I think the unifying use of HSC PDHPE across my site has made the whole site work for Google and hence created plenty of traffic. I now have over 40,000 unique site users and over 250,000 page views a month.”

Why teachers make great entrepreneurs

Daniel’s kind of passion, commitment and tolerance is what make teachers such amazing entrepreneurs.

If as a teacher you have not yet taken the initial step to becoming an entrepreneur then here are 3 compelling reasons for you to get going…

1. Teachers are great at multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is inevitably in most teachers DNA. This is mostly because teachers make thousands of educational decisions per day both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Teachers are engaged in various support systems for the students, colleagues and parents and this gives them absolute benefit in the world of entrepreneurship compared to someone in a corporate setting.

2. Communication Geniuses

Okay, maybe ‘genius’ is too strong a word but teachers are great at communicating, and we all know that great communication is a core component of what makes a great entrepreneur.

Just like entrepreneurs teachers have the ability to explain complex theories and ideas in a comprehensive way that is understandable and relatable to almost anyone.

3. They are not in it for the money

For the most part, teachers, just like entrepreneurs go into the career for the passion and their need to make a difference in this world no matter how small.

Teaching just like entrepreneurship requires endless amounts of dedication, flexibility and hard work, which after a while feels more like a lifestyle than a career which is a great thing.

For Those teachers who intend on following in Daniel Jackson’s entrepreneurial footsteps, he has three tips for you;

Entrepreneurial Tips from Daniel Jackson

1. Do it!!

“If you have a idea and think it will make money, put it out there and see what happens. Online is often cheaper to start, so your risks are not as high.”

2. Get some good people around you to help.

Whether this be going groups on Facebook, networking with teachers in your area, or getting an official coach. You will need help.

“I have been fortunate enough to have found a web-developer who has provided me with small amounts of training when I have needed it. I have had a more senior teacher be willing to help review what I create.

I also came across Jarrod (of TheTeacherpreneur.com) at the right time in my business career (early).”

3. Be willing to try things and explore options.

“My web-developer friend said that I was doing really well in creating my site, because I was willing to try things and see what they did. I was constantly changing things and exploring new ways to develop the site.

I think the same applies to other areas of business. Being willing to give something a go, and see what comes of it, will help you to refine and create a product that markets well and meets people’s needs.”

Don’t go it alone – there’s support out there for you!

If you are a teacher and you would love to take the initiative and put your wonderful entrepreneurial skills to practise, and learn alongside other teacherpreneurs just like our friend Daniel Jackson, join our Teacherpreneur Academy Facebook Group.

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