How to Make More Money as a Teacher with Ashley Rives

You’re not the only educator who has wondered how to make more money as a teacher. Continue reading to learn a bit about Ashley and how her business has helped her earn more money.

You have a passion for what you do. You have the work ethic, consistency, and discipline all in place. You’ve set yourself up with all the skills and tools required to become a successful and heart-centered teacher.

But does money still seem a bit scarce at times?

Do you find yourself constantly looking for different ways to round up your income during those vacation months?

Ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur? We bet you have!

This is the beginning of many teachers’ success stories into business ownership. Ashley was the same; she created something out of necessity but then turned it into a business brand.

At the beginning, it may seem like a whole new world with a different set of skills and tools. But work ethic, consistency, discipline and passion are all more easily transferable to entrepreneurship than you might initially think.

Let’s take a look at how Ashley transferred hers.


How Ashley Made More Money as a Teacherpreneur

In this fast-paced, rapidly evolving tech world, to have been an online entrepreneur for five years kind of makes you a veteran. While Ashley may not be one to toot her own horn, we’re happy to oblige!

 Ashley’s business has stood out within the educator’s market with much-needed products that help fill a serious need for teachers.

 From the very start of her entrepreneurial career, her best-selling product has been the Pre-Kindergarten Assessment and Portfolio pack.


“There wasn’t a lot out in the Internet education world that addressed the how and what of assessing preschoolers.”


Without many other resources to address this need, teachers were immediately drawn to Ashley’s work. The Assessment and Portfolio pack has remained her top selling product because Ashley makes sure to stay updated with the trends in education.

As a teacher, you’ve probably had to (more than once!) get creative when it came to class material and activities. Ashley found herself in the same position time and again and so decided to create her own class material. She quickly realized that what she was creating could be just as useful to and a time-saver for other teachers like herself.

Working mainly from the Teachers Pay Teachers platform, Ashley generates the bulk of her income by selling her various products there. Not only has she created all of them but she has also tested them out in her own classroom.

Ashley also has fun with creating online courses for her clients. She has courses like Preschool Circle Time Workshop and an Assessment and Portfolio Bootcamp course. One of her upcoming courses is called Preschool Centers, and this one will be absolutely free.

Ashley designs these courses for teachers that need some extra guidance in the classroom. These courses are designed to give you something tangible and ready-to-use. They give you everything you need to competently and confidently apply the material with your students.


Tips on How to Make More Money as a Teacher


Don’t Create a Product for the Money

At the time of creation, Ashley’s product provided a useful tool to many teachers who were looking to properly and efficiently assess their preschoolers.

Ashley recognized not only that this was something she herself sorely needed as part of her curriculum but noticed also that other teachers lacked the same guidelines.

When you create or sell something simply because you need the money, then you’re not pouring yourself into it, as Ashley says.

When you believe in the value you’re bringing to your customers with your product, you’ll spend that much more time perfecting and fine-tuning it. Its content will truly matter to you.


“It becomes a product you can stand behind, feel good about, and it will genuinely help other teachers.”

Take It Slow

There is an array of avenues that you can wander down when becoming an online entrepreneur. There are the many social media platforms you could join, the different marketing strategies you could apply, the various product ideas you could run with.

While they all may be useful and each one has a major success story attached to it, the last thing you want to do is become a subscriber to all of them and a master of none of them.

Nowadays, it may seem counterintuitive not to optimize your every online opportunity. However, the market is so vast and the people so numerous that if you settle for producing generic products, your brand will inevitably get lost.

Ashley’s advice is to focus on over-delivering on that one amazing thing you’ve got. Make sure it is and has everything you would want in a stand-out product.


“Don’t try to add so much else to your plate that all you are doing is crafting multiple mediocre products.”


Just Do You

 At the end of the day, just be yourself. Easier said than done, but if you spend time and energy wondering how someone else has succeeded, then you’re wasting time and energy that could’ve gone into creating your own success.


“Don’t try to compete with the big dogs.”


Just keep trying to be better than you were yesterday.


Strategies for Traffic and Resources for Growth

If you’re a teacher with an online presence, then you’ve been up and down and around Pinterest.

Ashley is another teacherpreneur that can attest to Pinterest being the best platform for a teacher’s product sales. This is where a lot of her website traffic is coming from.

Countless teachers are on there, so you’re reaching an already established market. Plus, Pinterest is so visual which is a great way for your viewers to immediately familiarize themselves with your brand and products.

Ashley has taken many courses on how to maximize her use of this platform. Again, mastering your craft can never be overstated. She also continues to take courses in order to stay up-to-date with current trends and the new and various uses of Pinterest.


“I’ve taken some Pinterest courses to learn the ins-and-outs, and I continue to tweak and update my pins, pin descriptions, and strategies.”

While you always want to be mastering your craft, updating your products, and optimizing your marketing strategies, these all become obsolete if you don’t improve and grow this next factor: yourself.

For many teachers, becoming an entrepreneur was never part of the career plan. Today, we recognize the value in having supplemental income as well as the countless possibilities to launching ourselves into entrepreneurship.

But, the fact of the matter is, we have to become entrepreneurs before we can become successful entrepreneurs.



Most business owners today have one thing in common no matter the clientele, the product or even the industry. They have resources that have helped them get started and that continue to help them become better business owners.

Ashley’s no different and has a couple of resources that she refers to regularly. She has recently joined Kelli Alaina’s Stand Out Brand Camp which she sorely wished she had earlier on in her career.

She also loves anything from Melyssa Griffin. While Griffin helps entrepreneurs from all niches, Ashley loves how Griffin focuses on helping people take their passions and turn them into substantial businesses. Ashley loves how clear and useful Griffin’s work is, making it practical to use in forwarding her own business.

Whether you’re looking to simply learn how to make more money as a teacher, or you truly have that burning desire in you to become an entrepreneur, Ashley’s tips resonate with value.

Be yourself and do what gets you fired up and don’t forget to master your craft. These words of wisdom may seem too simple at first but don’t be fooled.

When powered by a strong work ethic and heartfelt passion – two things that come naturally to teachers – these helpful tips can help shape an entirely new career.



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