Jenifer Bazzit’s Quick Tips on How to Make More Money Online as a Teacher

A successful classroom session is mostly determined by your preparation and passion for teaching. Your success as an entrepreneur is determined by the same thing.

But, no pressure. You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed.

Jenifer Bazzit is a full-time 5th grade teacher in Oklahoma. She was able to create very specific and ready-made 5th grade class material, a rather intimidating grade, for teachers who are new to this level.

Want to hear Jenifer’s story about how she was able to create her brand and make more money as a teacher?

One of Jenifer’s most successful resources was created because she needed to save time with her own class prep. Take a look at how Jenifer turned necessity into profit.


Jenifer’s Success with Making More Money Online

Jenifer Bazzit Success


Jenifer’s best-selling product to date is her Welcome to 5th Grade Activity Pack, and she attributes her success with this product to its efficiency and accessibility.


“It’s been successful because it’s something that teachers can print out and use immediately.”


As a teacher, Jenifer understands the great value in having grade-specific material. Because her pack has content that is ready to address the curriculum of a specific grade level, teachers can trust that they don’t have to do any adjusting to the material or prepare anything in advance.

In the last 12 months, although Jenifer continues to work full-time as a teacher, all of her entrepreneurial success comes from what she produces on Teachers Pay Teachers–nothing else.

She’s made it a policy to funnel 10% of her monthly earnings back into her business. This goes straight to promotions, a bit of it through Facebook but most of it toward Pinterest.

This budget changes in the summer months, of course, as things then become slower for most teachers. She considers this an investment though as she knows that teachers are always looking around for new ideas and resources.


“I don’t worry about losing money on promotions because I know that, even if a teacher is not interested in my resources now, down the line they may change grade levels or subjects, and they will–hopefully!–remember me and seek out my store or blog.”


Top 3 Tips on How to Make More Money as a Teacher

Jenifer has learned quite a bit from her own experience as a teacherpreneur. Here are her 3 tips on how to make more money as a teacher:

1. Examine Your Own Talents

Jenifer’s first tip begins with “self.” Maybe business doesn’t initially sound like it requires inward reflection. But there’s great value in recognizing what you can and can’t do.


“If teachers are working full-time and want to make money online, they have to examine themselves and their talents.”


Your passion will drive your daily business; your strengths may determine how fast you grow and in what areas; your weaknesses can potentially hold you back.


2. Learn How to Monetize Your Blog

Thrive in Grade Five Blog


Jenifer’s second tip is to use your blog to your advantage.

The Internet has completely changed how you can do business today. You no longer have to create a product or build specific content that requires the process of buying and selling. Instead, look into avenues like sponsorships or affiliations.


“There are tons of ways to monetize your blog. […] You can do more than create and sell resources.”


Here are 5 ways to monetize your blog worth considering:

  1. Create a high-converting funnel and recommend affiliate products or even your own.
  2. Create and sell your very own online courses.
  3. Have you written an eBook? Market it on your blog.
  4. Leverage other people’s product with private label rights.
  5. Build relationships with influential people in your market and partner with them in product creation.

There are, of course, tons more ways to start monetizing your blog. Take some time to really research these ideas and find what works for you.


3. Examine Your Passions

Lastly, Jenifer urges you to take into account what makes you passionate.

If you’re stuck with the daily grind of doing something you hate, you’ll never be consistent. Most people go into business to get away from that notion in the first place.

Needless to say, going into business purely for making money might not land you very far.

Aim to make a difference by providing value to your consumers. If you feel good about what you do and you’re proud of how you do it, chances are you’ll be compelled to continue doing it every day–even when things seem tough or downright impossible.

Your success in business is a direct reflection of your passion for it.

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Effective Strategies for Driving Traffic to Your Site or Content

Once you’ve got the hang of this business thing, you probably feel ready to take things up a notch. Here are 3 tips from Jenifer on how to drive traffic to your site and/or content:


Pay to Promote Pins on Pinterest

Jenifer Bazzit Pinterest


One of the effective strategies that Jenifer uses to drive traffic to her content and her website is Pinterest. If you’ve at all looked into how you can make money online as a teacher, then you’ve probably learned about the limitless value that Pinterest brings to a teacher’s business.

Not only is Pinterest a great visual platform to help promote your resources and content but you’ll also find that it’s the go-to hub for many teachers. Jenifer specifically uses Pinterest for its pins, and she’ll pay to promote certain pins.


“It’s as easy as pinning and setting up an ad group.”


Whether you are starting your first blog or you’re simply looking to create better content, blogging is an avenue that can help funnel your traffic.

Jenifer specifically focuses on posting valuable classroom information that teachers can use right away.

In her blog, she’ll make sure to point out any of her products and resources she believes might be complementary to the information in her post. This is an easy and immediate way to direct her readers to her shop.

Weekly Newsletters to Your Email List

This is another factor you’ll often come across as you build your online business. It’s also a powerful tool for building your following while taking care of your current and prospective clients.

Jenifer is sure to send out weekly newsletters to her readership, and she always makes the option available for teachers to opt into her funnels in exchange for various freebies.

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Top 3 Tips for People New to Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a powerful platform for teachers. This is an essential place for teachers to shop through tons of resources for their classroom. Needless to say, it’s a platform you want to tap into.


1. Find an Original Niche

“Don’t be like everyone else and do what everyone else is doing.” Doing so is a sure-fire way of getting your product or resource lost among the already vast inventory.

When it comes to originality, Jenifer believes that you should start in an area that doesn’t have a lot of resources. If you are targeting a teacher’s specific need that isn’t being served, you’re sure to not only stand out but to become a go-to name in that area.


2. Grow Your Store Before You Start Marketing

Secondly, it’s important to grow your store before you begin marketing it. This sounds fairly straight forward, but don’t take for granted how great your two or three products are.

If there’s plenty in your store to look at, teachers are more likely to feel as if they have options and that you know what you’re doing when it comes to creating usable resources.

Your store is a reflection of your business savvy as well as your credibility. There’s more to learning how to make more money as a teacher than just tools and marketing tips.


3. Don’t Even Look at Other Resources Before Creating Your Own

list your goals

Lastly, don’t play the comparison game. Find inspiration in your own entrepreneurial desires before looking anywhere else for guidance. Take some time to list what your goals are for your business, what you’d like to achieve, and what your mission is. After that, start building content.


“Put your own spin on things!”


It’s a lot easier to work with what you’re passionate about and to use your strengths to your advantage rather than to try and duplicate someone else’s resources simply because they’re selling well.

Chances are someone else’s business is successful because that person was being themselves. Being yourself is much more profitable than you might think.


It’s all about creating value for others

Making more money as a teacher is possible with an online business. Jenifer was able to build on her success because of the value she brings to her clients. She also loves to tune into various resources that help her develop as an entrepreneur.

Jenifer loves Kelli Alaina’s Email Course and Stand Out Brand Camp for example. These courses were most helpful for Jenifer getting off the ground.

There are countless resources to find and apply for yourself as well as tons of ways you can add value to the market of teachers you have in mind.

Discover for yourself what you can contribute to the world. They’re teachers out there who need what you do!

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