How Rocky Biasi Went From Teacher to Accidental Counselor

Learn how Rocky Biasi stumbled into entrepreneurship by bringing great value to a real problem in high school classrooms.

Rocky Biasi’s career took quite a few winding roads before he finally became a teacherpreneur.

Rocky actually had a business in retail prior to going back to school to get degrees in education and counseling.

With a little over 10 years of working at the high school level, Rocky spent most of those years as a teacher.

What prompted him to lean more toward the counseling side was the various interactions that he encountered within the high school environment, and a belief that things could be much better.

Rocky now works with mostly school staff – although he does host a few programs with kids – on how to respond to the emotional concerns of parents, their kids, as well as other colleagues.

The aim of Rocky’s work is to help staff listen and communicate effectively in their work environment.

While this sounds quite simple, the reactions and effects of Rocky’s work are astounding.


How Rocky Biasi Turned an Idea into His Best-Selling Product

Rocky’s best-selling product has been the Accidental Counselor program. And, just like the name, Rocky sort of tripped into counseling by observing the student-teacher interactions around him.

He was surprised at what he’d hear from various conversations between teachers and their students. He felt that if the teacher simply used a different approach or had asked a certain question that the interaction might have gone quite differently.

Likewise, people noticed his own approach to conversing with students and began asking him questions. Even the principal of the high school had asked Rocky for a formal teaching on his approach, but Rocky never thought to pay attention to what that might mean.

It wasn’t until Rocky took the principal’s suggestion seriously that he began his venture into part-time entrepreneurship.

His course on counseling began as a live workshop with his clients. Back in 2008, Rocky advertised to schools about the course using email and various promotional materials.  

Suffice to say, the first class was completely inundated within a week of the word getting out.

It didn’t take long after that for Rocky to realize that he should probably get his material out into some sort of program!

The Accidental Counselor took a face-to-face approach for five years before becoming an online course. While both Rocky and his clientele do prefer the face-to-face dynamic of the program, there is a significant amount of people that just can’t have access that.

Here lay one of Rocky’s biggest obstacles: going online.

Rocky Biasi going online

Because this wasn’t his area of expertise, Rocky began this with much headache and procrastination. Even less than a decade ago, there weren’t as many platforms and tools as there are today to make the transition to online business seamless.

Once Rocky paired up with people that he trusted and who knew what they were doing online, that’s when things began to take off.


3 Tips for Full-Time Teachers Who Want to Start Making Money Online


1. There’s No Need to Do It Alone–Seek the Help of a Mentor

Rocky Biasi’s biggest setback was in trying to patch together an online business without really knowing what he was doing. Trying to figure things out on his own actually delayed his business by a couple of years.

Finding a mentor can do wonders for your business and for yourself.

If you have a mentor who’s already done what you’re seeking to do, then he or she can help guide you. Imagine all of the pitfalls and setbacks they can save you from.

They can be on standby as a coach on those days when you feel like quitting or can’t seem to get anything right. They’ll also keep you accountable on those lazy days where you just don’t feel like getting anything done!


2. Have Resources and a Community of Like-Minded People to Support You

Start listening to podcasts and reading books and blogs about business and marketing.

Being in business requires skills and creativity that are completely learnable so commit to mastering your craft.

Also, join communities just like this one where there are other like-minded teacher-entrepreneurs who you can meet. There are so many teachers building a part-time business as well as former teachers who make it their mission to serve other educators.

In just about every one person’s success story, there is most likely a team of people and supporters behind it.

Rocky Biasi join a community

Just like a mentor, immersing yourself in the right environment gives you that much more of a chance to get you where you want to go.


3. Don’t Shy Away from Tough Decisions

When you’re building something of your own, there will come a time (maybe even a few times!) where you’ll find yourself facing a tough decision.

For Rocky Biasi, that was when he decided to make teaching his part-time income and to devote more time to his business.

Rocky had been working on his business part-time for 4 years before going full-time, and this was difficult because he needed his teaching income at the time.

But, something’s got to give, as Rocky puts it. You’ve got to let some things go–even though they may seem really good or convenient–in order to allow space for other, much better things to arise.


The Most Effective Strategy for Encouraging Traffic to Your Brand

Rocky Biasi’s most effective strategy for driving traffic to your products and services really comes back to how valuable your content is.

If you’re helping to solve a real problem within the market you’re working in, then you don’t have to worry about retaining customers.

A business that can add true value for a client inspires trust, so don’t feel tentative about giving away content for free. You’ve got to be able to prove that what you do is worth people’s time and money.

When prospective clients can see if they like your brand before making a commitment, it then makes it easier for you to come back to them with your product. They can buy knowing that they already like what you have to offer.


What Keeps Rocky Biasi Motivated

Some of Rocky’s own favorite resources are the SuperFast Business podcast, the Small Business; Big Marketing podcast by Tim Reid, and The Smart Passive Income blog and podcast.

Rocky also loves the book The 12-Week Year by Brian P. Morgan.

Your business is a reflection of yourself so always strive to get better. When you do, your business will subsequently get better too.

This philosophy has helped Rocky to create a clear vision of the future for himself.

In looking toward the next 12 months, Rocky has been constantly asking himself, “Do I actually have a business or do I have a job?”

Rocky is looking to take his business to the next level by developing it in a way that doesn’t require him to be there 100% of the time. In sharing the load of running his business with others, Rocky would effectively be sharing the wealth as well!

In a system like that, everyone is leveraging off of each other, gaining knowledge and experience to create something new and worthwhile.

With real value and passion, Rocky Biasi was able to provide an efficient and compassionate solution to a real problem in his school environment.

Because the online world is always evolving, he is now able to affect school environments across the globe for the better.

Some simple tips and a true conviction for what you do and how you do it are enough to develop in you a successful teacherpreneur.


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