How Mark Eichenlaub Makes Money Online Coaching Teachers

Discover how Mark Eichenlaub took a few strategies for online business and paired them up with diligence and discipline to become one of the leading authorities in coaching for teachers.

With these strategies, you can take what you already know and learn how to make more money as a teacher online.


Content and Credibility

In building his business as an entrepreneur, Mark has been able to cross over different industries. The best-selling service he could render wasn’t a product but was his coaching.


“[Coaching] was my best product because it could be built into a revenue stream much faster but wasn’t as scalable.”


Mark talks about the authority he had created as a running coach which contributed greatly to the constant requests he’d receive even though he had switched over to coaching teachers.

Needless to say, building authority in your specific niche can help you garner a healthy reputation. With it, you can become a go-to resource for your clientele and the name in your industry for doing business with.

Mark had built his own credibility by constantly posting valuable and rich content on his blog. He also had his own podcast where he would interview and meet other top coaches in his industry. A lot of his authority also came from his being a properly certified USA Track & Field Coach.

Mark Eichenlaub


Mark has also published an eBook on Amazon which was another way of getting specific and usable content to his followers.

Now, this all may seem overwhelming and you might have the impression that you’ll be brainstorming and outlining for the next two years before producing anything concrete and usable.

That isn’t the case at all…

Mark made sure that all of this was up and running within just a few months of making the crossover to coaching teachers.

Things don’t have to be perfect and you don’t always have to feel ready before you take the big leap and put yourself out there.

As long as you have a service or product that can add value and effectiveness to your customers’ lives and/or business, you can get started.

In the past 12 months, Mark’s income comes from his one-on-one coaching as well as his online course.

In his online course Teach and Earn More Mark shows teachers how to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their earning potential.

A lot of the clientele that he receives for coaching are actually found through word-of-mouth,  which shows you the value in taking care of your relationships and building credibility through delivering a great experience for people.

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3 Tips on How to Make More Money Online as a Teacher

The new wave in technology we’ve had just in the past decade has completely changed the way we do business. The Internet is directly related to the new ways in which business infrastructures are now being built.

That being said, the old concept of not comparing yourself to others is now more important than ever. You can create something completely original that fills a great need.

While most every entrepreneur’s business looks different nowadays, Mark has kept a few things in mind when building his own business. His tips are easily transferable to any business model or entrepreneur’s work ethic.


1. Think Long-Term

As an entrepreneur, you may often find yourself in a situation that would render you immediate profits or save you some time. But, could this short-term solution be a detriment to the success of your business long-term?

Mark has built his business by staying integral to his values and his business system even when cutting corners offered a temporary solution or short-term gain. No wonder he’s so credible.

2. Find What Works and FOCUS on It

If you’ve ever read a book on self-development, listened to a podcast on developing business savvy, or even watched a motivational YouTube video on success, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about focus.

Distractions are a business person’s kryptonite. Once you get off track by just a little bit, it’s all too easy to keep going down that road. Those books, podcasts, and videos all have great content on how to remain focused.

Mark actually suggests getting to know your business a bit more. If you do, you’ll quickly discover what’s working in your business and what’s not. Once you’ve begun focusing on what works, you’ll find it very easy to stay motivated to keep doing the right things.

Building momentum in this area takes some time and lots of effort. But, this is what establishing a strong foundation for a solid business looks like.


3. Make a To-Do List Every Night and Get Up Early Each Day

make a to-do list


Lastly, Mark suggests diligence; consistency in preparing your day the night before and discipline in getting up early each morning to get stuff done.

Mark uses the AM to gain more hours in doing the essential things that will help his own resolve as well as help his business grow.

He finds making a To-Do list of his day very helpful. He also makes this list the night before so that once he’s out of bed in the morning, he knows exactly what he’s doing and where he has to be.


Effective Strategies for Driving Traffic to Your Site/Content

The best avenues Mark has used in driving traffic to his products and services are his blog and his community. In learning how to make more money as a teacher, these will be driving factors in creating a substantial following.


“Building my blog and then connecting with influencers in my industry has been my best way of driving traffic to my services and products.”


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Make sure you’re rendering a real service and providing valuable content. You’ll build a significant following if you solve a real problem.

Take care of your followers with your email list. Always be providing your subscribers with valuable content or by pointing them to a product or service of yours that may be able to help them.


“Find out what people in your industry are struggling with and care about and write about ways to fix it.”


Be active in your community and share what other entrepreneurs are doing too!

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to grow themselves and their business. As one of those entrepreneurs, paying it forward by making your own followers aware of another great business person will do wonders for your relationship building.


Resources for Personal Growth


Mark also suggests making another list! This one should be filled with all of the podcasters, authors, bloggers, and speakers that you seek for mentorship in your particular niche.

Do some research–what product or service is driving the bulk of their traffic? And, can you figure out why?

Entrepreneurship is quite an open playing field, in that techniques and resources are countless. In the past, building a business could have easily taken a decade or two, now you can learn a great deal in just a few short months.

For himself, Mark has always been interested in self-improvement and entrepreneurship books.

When it comes to education, Mark often finds himself on Twitter. He follows people like Jarrod Robinson, Richard Byrne, Vicki Davis, Jennifer Gonzalez just to name a few.

For writing, self-improvement, marketing, and sales, he turns to people like Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Pat Flynn. He follows websites like and

The common theme Mark has pulled from all of these great business people is that our capacity to believe in ourselves is foundational and crucial to success.


“[We] must believe in ourselves, what we have to say; believe that people NEED the knowledge inside of us and that learning to be a better communicator will help [us] get that knowledge to those in need.”


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