What We’ve Learned From 15 Teacherpreneur Case Studies

At Teacherpreneur, we love to see our colleagues succeed. Sharing their stories can show our readers what’s possible, but can also remind us of how far we’ve come!

How do we learn from our case studies?

The stories we share are outstanding in so many ways.

They portray the struggle, the path of progress, and the final results of some of the most successful people in our society.

What can we learn from such stories?

First of all, we learn that none of these stories have superhero figures as protagonists.

They’re about ordinary people, spending extraordinary effort, practicing diligence, temperance, and patience in overcoming their difficulties and in seizing the right opportunities.

We all have the potential to do that (even if we’re not flying or shooting lasers from our eyes).

Trust yourself in this.

So, here’s an overview of the essential lessons we’ve learned from our case studies.


Do Not Impose Limits Upon Yourself

never limit yourself

Never, never, never limit yourself based on your preconceptions of your profession, education, or “your place in the world.”

Don’t make use of tarnished and overused excuses.


“I can’t do that.”


“I can’t possibly consider this when I already do that!”


Jarrod Robinson used to be a regular PE teacher who was interested in technology.

A teacher with a fancy for gadgets: nothing out of the ordinary, right?

Well, not quite.

He began simply turning his techie enthusiasm into something concrete simply to improve his teaching ability.

He started a blog. Then, he wrote for a magazine. Then, he wrote an eBook.

He wanted to tell a story of how we can include technology into our regular teaching routine.

Each leap was followed by a huge increase in his audience.

Now, he produces apps that help PE educators all around the globe, revolutionizing the way we teach Physical Education to our students.

From an ordinary, a bit geeky PE teacher emerged The PE Geek!

Big difference, right?

Check out Jarrod’s website

Being a Teacher Doesn’t Stop You From Being an Entrepreneur


Actually, being an entrepreneur is more flexible nowadays than it’s ever been.

The key to effectively fusing entrepreneurship and your teaching profession is in the diligence and discipline.

Remember, you already have a certain skill/product/service that you can offer and that someone needs.

Being a successful Teacherpreneur transcends seemingly opposing branches of industry.

Ask Mark Eichenlaub.

What he did was take two different branches and successfully pair them.

He had been working as a running coach for years and had built authority doing something he was confident in.

But, Mark strived for something that could keep him in business.

He became a coach for teachers.

He studied business strategies and developed his own web content.

He wrote an eBook and kept giving his audience the material they loved.

This may sound like a long and difficult process.

Not at all!

He did it in less than 12 months.

Mark says that if we believe in ourselves, we’re bound for success.

Want him to prove it to you? Read his story here.


Doing Something for Others Can Actually Help You

doing something for others

Being an entrepreneur is often nastily associated with being someone who’s completely centered around making a profit.

What a misconception.

On the contrary, providing others with something valuable is what returns value to you.

Rocky Biasi spent almost a decade working in a high-school environment, and most of that as a teacher.

As he noticed some flaws in the teaching system, he decided to study on it more.

He returned afterward, determined to help.

He became an accidental counselor.

His ideas and teaching strategies yielded fast and effective results for his students, and the teaching staff quickly took notice.

Pretty soon, the help he brought to the many schools around him started bringing him a revenue.

Talk about value!

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Earning More as a Teacher is Not an Unattainable Dream

The reality oftentimes is that our teachers are usually undervalued for the effort, care, emotion they invest into their work and their students.

Desiring more for your work isn’t in poor taste, especially if you have the capability and discipline that justifies your value.

Or, you may simply be facing vacation season, and you find yourself needing supplemental income.

There’s no need to settle with “your lot in life.”

Something you’ve been doing as a side-project could very well become your main income earner.

Of course, the transition from teacher to teacherpreneur can be awkward at the beginning. But, once past the initial stumbling blocks, you can find yourself riding the momentum of something out of the ordinary.

Read about Ashley Rives, and how she did exactly that.

Ashley Rives

By incorporating her teaching skills with her assessment of the market’s needs, she came up with several important educational packages and tools to boost her own income.

Her motto is Just Do You. Being yourself can be an extraordinary thing!


Founding Your Enterprise Online Can Have Amazing Results

It’s been some time since we’ve entered the digital era, but we do still appreciate tangible experiences from time to time.

Take Francesca Warren, for example.

She had had enough of people who had never set foot behind a teacher’s desk telling actual teachers how to get things done.

She took matters into her own hands.

She started publishing her own educational content through blogs and eBooks.

As a real school teacher, she made her online presence very noticeable by bringing to the digital table, so to speak, what she had learned first-hand in her classroom.

With that kind of credibility came the power to genuinely relate to her audience and so influence them in an authentic way.

Then came her extra income.

Franchesca Warren

As she’s a teacher who knows how to get things done right, let her tell you her own story.


Teacherpreneurs Teach on a Grander Scale

You already educate others, right?

Many of us already agree that it’s a noble calling.

Being a teacher, you’ve probably felt that you could spread your knowledge more effectively in some other way.

Who knows, maybe even educate others to be better educators? Share your successful strategies?

Becoming a Teacherpreneur might not be the first thing to cross your mind when you think of starting change, but it might just be the effective way to do it.

Jen Regan used to look for a way to influence other educators with her great experience, and she had found her calling.

She discovered a classroom above her own classroom – a vast number of educators who were looking for additional guidance and advice.

Jen embraced her new role and offered them her help. The enterprise she created following that was just a bonus (albeit, a nice bonus).

Jen Regan

The stories we’ve mentioned are not the only case studies we’ve conducted, and there are many more of them on our blog.

You’ll notice that many of these case studies have very similar ideas and values pertaining to the teacherpreneurs – seek more while offering more.

It doesn’t take much. It takes a ready individual.

It isn’t difficult to upgrade your status from teacher to teacherpreneur.

Ask us. We’ll tell you our stories.


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