How to Use Teachers Pay Teachers as a First-time Seller for the Best Results

Are you a fan of Teachers Pay Teachers? Learn how, as a first-time seller, you can maximize your use of TpT to share your valuable resources with others and make supplemental income in the process.

If you’re a teacher that has recently looked into joining the entrepreneurial world, then you’ve probably heard of Teachers Pay Teachers.

This teacher’s hub is a platform for all kinds of teachers (at any grade level and using any kind of curriculum) to help build their classroom content. What makes Teachers Pay Teachers unique is the community built around educators helping other educators.

With people sharing their personal expertise with educators like themselves, they can start to build a supplemental income. This can potentially allow them the extra time and money to create a lifestyle that would be difficult to maintain with just their teaching job.

If you’re a teacher looking to be an entrepreneur, you’re not alone. And, you don’t have to venture out into new and unchartered territory—you can use the expertise you already have to become a successful business person.

Teachers Pay Teachers is the community to do it with!


The TpT System

Whilst lots of teachers around the world have the unique knack of creating their own content for classrooms, many of us don’t!

That’s what Teachers Pay Teachers is for: to share knowledge and create inspiration in the classroom to reach, hone, and develop that untapped potential in all students.

Teachers Pay Teachers

You’ll find almost 3 million different resources on TpT!

Just to give you an idea of how many educators are already using TpT:

-More than 2 out of 3 teachers in the United States use TpT;

-1 billion resources have already been downloaded;

-and, 4 million teachers have used TpT in the last year alone.

Teachers Pay Teachers has a vision “to make the expertise and wisdom of all the teachers in the world available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.”


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A Bit about the Resources

Let’s delve into what resources are available. This can give you a good idea as to what you yourself might like to provide as a seller.

On TpT, you can find content that caters to a full year’s curriculum. Most materials are also easily customizable to suit a semester’s worth of lessons or just a single project. Once you’ve established your target market, you’ll be able to better anticipate what their needs might be.


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You have access to whole units of material and project-based learning. You can also find assessment material, easily customizable to fit your various lessons and projects. How cool is that?

There’s plenty of material for specialized learning, for students enrolled in special education, and for curriculum based on social and emotional learning.

The material you can offer is wide and varied.

Art Material


How to Join Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers pay Teachers is a very simple system to use as a buyer or seller.

Buyers can set up an account for free, including teachers and school administrators. There are thousands of resources tagged specifically for homeschooling teachers as well.

TPT Register

Every user can set up their own personal account but schools also can get in on this endless well of resources. We suggest that a school set up its own account in which teachers can access materials.

Teachers can, however, link their personal accounts in which none of their own transactions will be made public.

As a seller, you have the free option of registering with the Basic Seller’s account. This offers you all of the standard commissions, transactions fees, tools, and features.

There’s also the Premium Seller’s account with a membership fee of about $60. For the whole year, this will give you higher commissions on your products sold as well as lower transaction fees. There are also more features and tools that are a part of the Premium Seller membership.

TpT highly suggests the premium membership if your products’ earnings are higher than the annual membership fee. You can upgrade from the basic at any time by paying the fee and you can have the option to have an account that automatically renews each year.


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How to Sell on TpT

Once you’ve signed up and have created your account, you can begin uploading and selling your resources right away. Consider resources of any kind – anything from classroom decorations, arts and crafts projects, group projects, reading assignments, etc.

Once your resources are uploaded, you can set prices of your own and even throw a sale to start your store off with some promotional value. TpT takes care of processing orders for you and can handle a good chunk of customer support as well.

Your store will get its own unique URL so that people can find you and your personal brand on TpT. You can make that brand unique by uploading an image and logo.

Create a profile by telling your story and by giving your experience. You can, at any time, update and change your products, listings, prices, and profile.

Make sure to check out TpT University for tips and tricks on how to optimize the use of your account.

You’ll learn, step-by-step, everything about creating resources and pricing. You’ll meet other great TpT’ers and you’ll have access to free feedback as well as tech support. TpT can also help keep track of your milestones, making it easy to measure how far you’ve come in your entrepreneurship.

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started on TpT. We love a good “What I wish I knew before starting…” article, right?


3 Tips for Selling on TpT:

1. Don’t undervalue your work.

It’s easy to believe that since you’re just starting out that you don’t have the expertise or credibility for your resources to be worth a whole lot. But, you have something unique you can offer people—there may be teachers out there looking for materials with your specific style.


2.Don’t compare yourself to others.

This follows with the first tip—your value is in what you bring to the table not in how well you can beat someone else at what they’re doing!

What are you looking for as a teacher? What are some things that you feel would be extremely helpful during your time in class?

The unique perspective you have and how effectively you supply the demand in your particular niche market can be the difference between a few sales and a hefty and viable brand.


3.Connect and collaborate with others.

The beautiful thing about entrepreneurship today is the vast sense of community among entrepreneurs. And, we’re seeing this more in various types of industries, not just in education.

Entrepreneurs today are seeking out help and also seeking to give help. There are so many mentors today instead of competitors.

Don’t put joining the community on the back-burner.

connect and collaborate with others

There’s so much value to be gained for your business not just in terms of support but also advice. Chances are you’ll find someone else who’s gone down the same road as you and can guide you through it.

You don’t have to learn from your own experience; you can also learn from someone else’s and save yourself some time and resources.


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The Benefits of TpT

Some of the major benefits we hear from teachers using TpT for building a substantial services business are:

More freedom of time and money

It may take a little while to see both of these things at the beginning. But, the supplemental income can eventually allow you some of the extra time down the line.

Always keep your goals in mind and allow the TpT system to help you get there.


Your students benefit

Not only do your students get to try out your material first-hand, they get to witness what entrepreneurship looks like as well.

You also get to promote their success on your TpT store and feel confident in knowing that what you have to offer is valuable and tangible.


Building relationships

You can get in touch with other educators with same ambitions and need to serve. They could be in your area or on the other side of the world but the mentorship will always be at your fingertips.


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building relationships

Teachers Pay Teachers is a system that can allow educators to become entrepreneurs in a field that they already have expertise in. There’s no big financial risk and there are no pitfalls where trial and error are concerned.

Give TpT a try and see what value you can bring to your fellow educator.

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