What’s a Mailing List- And Why Do I Need One?

People say ‘the money is in the list,’ but what does that mean? We’ll help you understand just what an email list is, and why it’s so powerful for your business


What’s a mailing list?

An email list, is, very simply, a list of email addresses provided to you by potential customers and members of the community who are interested in your business and products. It helps you contact these people with promotions, new product offerings, and general information to keep them in the loop.

A research study from 2015 showed that approximately 46% of businesses use email lists, and hence can and do use email marketing.

Of all the marketing methods and approaches, email marketing offers one of the highest investment-gains ratio.

How does it do that?

You’re only targeting people who’ve already indicated interest in what you do, and you have a way of regularly contacting them, without necessarily using any new software or programs- just your email address.

An outdated method, this list, you say

It’s old, but it’s a classic for a reason, we reply. And when combined with contemporary technology (CRM, automation…) – it’s one of the best tools at your disposal, actually.

In short, a proper email list gives you three things:

  • Prospecting
  • Lead Conversion
  • Retaining Customers


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Communication Specifically Between You and Your Audience

How does an email list affect your audience?

We’ll put it like this: having an email list is like having your audience in one room, listening to what you have to say to them.

When you have an email list, you can talk to your customers directly, even at zero cost.

talk to customers directly

We all have an email address. Your neighbour has it. Her kid has it. His grandpa has it.

It is the widest-reaching technique we know of today.

In fact, many email platforms allow you to create free accounts with a wide enough choice of features for you to begin with – so nothing stops your audience from communicating with you. Neat!

What you tell your audience is up to you – the relevance and quality of delivered content determine how your customers will respond.

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But it is the list which enables that communication in the first place – the more genuinely interested people on that list, the more receptive your audience will be. And the more receptive they are, the greater the response and conversion.

Another point is that the list is all yours. It’s different from a list made by a third party, e.g. any social media network, as these are not actually owned by you, and if something malfunctions or your account gets shut down – bye, bye, your community.

Needless to say, you don’t want that.

Instead, you own your list, meaning it’s really hard to lose, and, in addition, it’s free for you to use.


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Why Do You Need It?

Phew, where do we even start from?

1. Saving money and time

And when we say “saving”, we mean saving.

As we said, it costs you nothing.

No employees, workspace, stationary, paperwork, consultants (…) required at all.

To get started with your email list and email marketing, all you need is a laptop.

You can set up your list from anywhere. You can set a date and time for sending emails from your bed or sofa. How much time does it take? An hour at first, fifteen minutes as you master it properly.

Your customers can receive invites, offers, welcomes, newsletters, and all other sorts of creative content at no cost.

Or, you can automate it all for a negligible amount of money, and do nothing at all.

Email list and marketing is here to stay, because the options are endless.

Got excess stock that you need to get rid of? No problem. A quick promotional email to your mailing list could get you a few sales that very same day. Especially given that 70% of people open their emails hoping to find a special or discount.

Your creativity is the only criterium.


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2. It Beats Social Media

  • More attention

As recent changes in Facebook have brought the number of people who see your posts to abysmal levels, it has again reached the attention of the digital community that email marketing offers more stability and less competition when done properly.

In spite of popular belief, people have less mail than there are tweets and status updates on their homepage newsfeed.

Succeed in convincing them to sign up for your mailing list, and you have just outpaced the vast majority (if not all) of your competition, with a guarantee that your content will reach your customer.

You’ll be seen, even if your email just gets deleted. That’s more than social media can offer.

This spins your perspective a bit, doesn’t it?

email marketing


  • Segmented messages and personalization

You send your list emails which are addressed to them, and hence are more personal and closer than any social media page/profile can ever be.

You can break down your mass list into smaller groups, which can be personalised for the needs of that group.

Social media broadcasts content- think of email like a narrowcast, and so much more powerful for that.

Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/(…) all represent a wall with a graffiti that either speaks to everybody or one person.

Email represents you talking to your customer one-on-one.

Tie that with all the data you gathered about each of your customer, their habits, and behaviour, and you can really make your messages resonate.

Facebook has some crude means of targeting, but it is too imprecise for sensitivity of this level. Twitter has none.

Email list? The finer you make them, the more personal they get.

Need more convincing even after this?

Well, here are some concrete facts for you.


3. Stats

email marketing

Numbers do not lie – email lists earn money.

Jump aboard the profit train, and start utilizing them.

We’re that more glad if you’ve heard it from us first.

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