How ThriveCart Can Help You Save More Sales

ThriveCart – it seems mysterious but we promise it can also be a magic tool for your business. Here’s the scoop on how ThriveCart can help you save more sales

Why was ThriveCart Created?

When Josh Barton first got started with ThriveCart, it wasn’t a brilliant idea he came up with in the middle of the night. Josh built ThriveCart out of a desperate customer need—his own!

Right in the middle of his first relaxing vacation in years, Josh had to hurriedly rush to his hotel room and try and deal with a problem in his business. Certain recurrences in the sales patterns had become urgent – and had cost the company close to $60 000!  

The problem, Josh quickly discovered, was in the cart platform his team had opted to use.

It turned out that this particular platform had cost the company so much because of the inefficient system. The cart had lost the company tons in lost, fraudulent, and even incomplete sales! What made matters worse was the complete lack of concern Josh received from the company who owned the sales cart platform.

Josh’s company was spending a great deal on a platform that was losing them too many potential sales—and, actually cost money when Josh finally crunched the numbers. It also was taking up more time than was profitable and this particular cart-platform company never bothered to update their software.

The platform was leaking traffic and carried loopholes for major potential fraud cases, among other things. Josh and his team decided to take matters into their own hands by utilizing the countless years of software-building experience between them.

Thus was created ThriveCart, a cart-creating platform that is updated regularly by a team of experts, so you can increase your sales without dealing with technical hassles.

Truly, the sales cart platforms you are using are likely costing you money—every single day! With ThriveCart, Josh and his team can help you exercise the potential of a successfully optimized shopping cart.


What Does ThriveCart Do? How Does it Work?


If you didn’t already know, then you’ve probably gathered by now that structural issues in the shopping cart platform can bungle a sale in a number of ways.

However, it’s also ridiculously time-consuming to attempt to correct the problem yourself or to chase the company providing the platform. You may not have the expertise, the time, or the resources, to get the job done fully.

ThriveCart, however, is very simple. A few clicks get you your gorgeous template, a few more clicks set up the link to your product or service. These carts are proven to boost conversion rates, reduce cart abandonment, and overall, maximise your profits.

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Once you’ve set up your cart, all you have to do from there is integrate it with your payment provider, like Stripe or Paypal. Once you activate your cart, it goes live right away.

With high-converting carts and tasteful upsales tools specifically designed for marketers, you can set up a system that helps you retain more visitors who, in turn, buy more.

What’s more, ThriveCart makes getting a new cart platform an easy transition. ThriveCart can work with the systems that you’re already using, like MailChimp, InfusionSoft, and ActiveCampaign, among others. This makes it easy to add and organize your customers based on their behavioural criteria.

ThriveCart isn’t simply a great tool for a pretty and user-friendly checkout cart. This platform can help you even capitalize on how to best present your various offers to your visiting clientele.

ThriveCart’s “bump offer” feature, for example, adds thousands of dollars of extra profit. The “bump offer” is a tool you can add on to your client’s original purchase for a discounted price. This feature alone is used by 40% of clients—and ThriveCart has many more awesome tools just like it.


How ThriveCart Works for You and Your Business

There are so many great ways to take advantage of ThriveCart with its innovative features and effective system.

When you’ve acquired your ThriveCart license, you’ll have access to the most high-converting cart templates in the industry. These are templates that make it easy for your products to seamlessly convert into sales because of their being user-friendly.

You’ll be introduced to things like “bump offers” which can bump up sales while giving buyers a chance to get last-minute items at discounted prices. There are convenient elements like “membership and autoresponder integration” and automatic digital sales tax calculations included in your ThriveCart platform.

With ThriveCart you get live stats of how your sales are doing and how well your new platform is performing. (No more delays waiting to see what your customers are trying to do, and if it’s working.) This is particularly useful in relation to the potential for fraudsters to make use of your site: if you can see it as it happens, you’re more likely to catch them and save yourself the trouble and the money.

You can expect to always find top-grade customer support. You’ll have a fully hosted SaaS platform with a mobile-friendliness that always looks presentable and is always functional, no matter the mobile device.

mobile friendly

And when ThriveCart humbly boasts about their unmatched user-friendliness, they’re not kidding! Not only do they have unique ways of up-selling your wares, but many of these features are also designed to be completed in one or two steps.

Take the “one-click bump offer” and the “one-click upsells” features, for example; these features allow you to make an extra profit while remaining an easy sales process for your client. Take their two-step cart, as another example. Usually, hitting the checkout point of our purchase can be—let’s admit it—an annoying series of many steps! But, think, for a moment, about ending your shopping in two simple steps—sounds heavenly, right?


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How Easy Is It to Use?

Take a look at the video below, where I walk through setting up a product that includes a simple up-sell to maximise the order price.



As you can see ThriveCart makes the selling process so much easier for us because we can now focus on what we do best (creating space for educators from around the world to inform and empower each other daily).

We don’t have to spend countless hours trying to figure out all of the technicalities of making an efficient and convenient buying process for our client.

Josh and the ThriveCart team have already figured out the system that will give our clients fantastic and wholesome access to the products they’re looking for as well as the ones they didn’t realize they needed!

The ease of use and practicality alone are reasons to get started with ThriveCart—the constant innovation and consistent customer service are stellar perks that’ll keep you a loyal customer.


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