How Work Ethic Made Teacher Jennifer Smith Jocher a Successful Teacherpreneur

With a successful online business and a best-selling product, Jennifer is here to tell us what makes her brand thrive!

Jennifer’s Best-Selling Product and Marketing Strategy

Recently, Jennifer Smith Jocher’s best-selling product has been her Interactive Notebooks, particularly the ones for math! Jennifer has created these math notebooks for grades all across the board, from Kindergarten all the way through to Algebra.

Jennifer’s success wasn’t sudden—she’d been producing great content for years. She is sure that these study materials will always be her best-selling products because of the time she’s invested in creating them. She’s also continuously researching the best techniques for students, to help them toward succcess.

“I think what makes it successful is the fact that it wasn’t just a one-off creation for me.”

These Interactive Notebooks for maths were first put together in 2012-2013, and since then Jennifer has gone back again and again to make sure they’re updated and relevant. She’ll not only add more lessons but will also update the aesthetic, eg. adding full-color examples of the content.

Jennifer has also included something new called “Teacher Tips” for educators who want to learn how to easily implement these materials into their learning plan.

Of course, none of this material would be easily accessible were it not for an effective and strategic marketing plan. That sounds like a mouthful but Jennifer’s philosophy on driving optimal traffic to her content is simple: consistency.

“The most effective strategy that I have found for driving traffic for me has been consistency on social media.”

This isn’t easy! Teachers are already very aware of the discipline required to create any kind of momentum toward growth and achievement, even in the short-term. And, this is the principle Jennifer has relied on.

“For me, it was making sure that I was consistently sharing content and resources via Pinterest (first and foremost), and then consistently posting to my Facebook page as well.”

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Her Main Source of Income

Jennifer can proudly say that her main source of income is Teachers Pay Teachers. While she does do well with her learning materials, Jennifer also does professional development for schools and even whole school districts nationwide!

She is also known to speak regularly at State and national conferences, particularly for mathematics. These talks on mathematics are something Jennifer is “truly passionate about.”

With all of her resources and tools for learning as well as her engagement with the teachers and students and their parents who use her products and services, it comes as no surprise that Jennifer is an impactful name in American education.

Jennifer’s 3 Tips for Transitioning to Teacherpreneurship

Jennifer has a few tips for the burgeoning teacherpreneur: she knows how to be effective and impactful even when there may be very little time and resources, especially at the beginning.

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“When you are just starting out and trying to make money online, find ways to work smarter and not harder.”

Jennifer’s first tip is batch processing! This process is when you go over all of the projects you have going on right now and pick out all of the tasks and/or items that are similar in nature. Then, complete all of these tasks at once.

This is actually quite a bit different from multitasking. With multitasking, you’re doing many different things at one time. The fact that they’re not necessarily related to each other means you’ll have to divide your focus. Different tasks will take different resources, different aspects, maybe even different parts of your brain to complete!

If you concentrate on one specific element, the same one across all projects, then you’ll be better focused to complete those specific tasks. Maybe it’s creating content for your various products and across your various platforms.

Focus on your research aspect first—gather all of the information you’ll need for every project you’re currently working on. The next step would be to create the various outlines, you’d need before actually writing out or creating the content.

“When you batch process things, you actually get more done in less time.”

Secondly, find your niche. (And, do not derail from that path!)

You don’t have to be everything to everyone. You just have to do what you do best for the people that are actively looking for exactly what you can give.

That may seem like a very narrow market initially but what you’re doing is actually refining your business. You’ll be more likely to find people that actually want to buy your content more easily than if you were to have a vague and broad niche.

People appreciate specificity—they know exactly why they turn to you. And, it also avoids the pitfall of overextending yourself in the bid to cater to everyone, which never actually works long-term.

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Stretching yourself too thin will make your business less efficient and therefore less impactful. When you impact people’s lives with your business, people will not only buy from you but will come to rely on you.

Lastly, get used to delegating and leveraging.

“If you find you can’t fit something on your plate, find someone who can and will do it for you.”

One of the more tricky and unexpected things of entrepreneurship is letting go of some of the work. You’re no longer in complete control—what you’re delegating isn’t necessarily going to come out exactly the way you like it or would have done it.

This is the real part of running a business.

Opening yourself up to teamwork, however, will help you increase your productivity while being able to cater to your market more fully. You won’t need to put anything on the backburner or accept mediocre work simply because you ran out of time.

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Delegating is the next step of growing an online business and will allow you to do the complete job of servicing your clientele from A to Z.

Jennifer’s Best Resources for Personal Growth

Besides the technical and administrative tips for growing your business, just like any business person, a teacherpreneur should always look to grow themselves in order to thrive in business.

Jennifer feels no differently and definitely has some resources we could look into to better ourselves.

Jennifer likes to use her Erin Condren planner to help her keep track of all of her tasks as well as her self-created deadlines and other work.

Jennifer also relies on her books for personal growth but there are too many for her to name! What do you gravitate toward when it comes to bettering yourself? Is there anything you like to learn or would like to master or excel in? Pick up a book on the subject!

When it comes to podcasts, Jennifer is a fan. She listens to Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn, Biz Chix with Natalie Eckdahl, and Wit and Wisdom with Kirsten Thompson and Erin Shebish.

Jennifer Smith Jocher has risen the bar of work ethic with a passion! With her discipline and deep involvement in consistently bettering her material, Jennifer shows us what being a successful Teacherpreneur looks like.

With discipline, consistency, and a desire to get better, every teacher can offer their students, their school, and the digital world their best!

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