Boosting Content for Profit

Lately I’ve been experimenting with boosting original video content on Facebook with the description & content being tightly linked to a product I sell – this has resulted in some quite impressive results that have been easy to replicate time and time again


Single Day Sales of a 1.99c iPhone/iPad App called ‘MusicBeep Test’

Screenshot 2016-09-03 10.53.13

Here’s how I do it

1. Produced an original video content piece for Instagram of one minute in length – you can see that here
2. The content piece is designed in a way to be highly useful and showcase the product being used and effective in less than one minute.
3. This content piece is then cross posted to the Facebook Page where I boost it for $30 over three days targeting people whom like my Facebook Page

Results of the boosted post

Screenshot 2016-09-03 11.02.33

Monetising the Post

To monetise the post I simply leave a link to download the paid product in the description & as a comment in the post on Facebook.

Example 1.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 11.05.14


As you can see from the Date this post was published on August 19th. Compare that to the unit sales of the app below; from this, it’s clear where the spike started and also ended inline with the boost.

Screenshot 2016-09-03 11.05.19

Where Next

I’ve been doing this over and over again for the last month with different products and proven the approach – its now time to the following to test its limits

1. Do a $100 per day boost of the post for 3 days and see the results
2. Price drop the app to increase conversions of the boost

Why I love this

When this app first came out I ran an advertisement to the app download page which was a complete waste of time and money – by boosting content, I’ve helped people and that content is then shared to colleagues increasing my exposure and minimising my ad spend.

How could you do this in your business?

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