Bring An App to Life with The App Match

Recently I was lucky enough to appear on another episode of the Superfastbusiness Podcast with none other than James Schramko. Throughout the episode I spoke about our new AppMatch Service & the ideas behind its creation. We also speak about the Superfastbusiness app which we recently launched & the benefit it’s had to the SFB community with data to back it up. Finally we speak about what having an app can possibly do for your business. You can read the full show notes at the SFB Website

In the podcast:

01:33 – James’s brief history with apps
03:34 – A look at some stats
05:27 – Jarrod’s app experience
08:27 – Pokemon Go for Phys Ed
10:20 – The value of having an app
16:50 – Where do you start?
20:35 – What app makers need to consider
24:53 – Why hire a developer?
27:42 – Before going down the app path…
29:08 – Summing things up


Press play to listen to the episode below

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