Get Paid in a New Niche in 48 Hours?

Recently, I’ve been reading the blogs of a number of online entrepreneurs and marketers who have taken up the 48-hour challenge to enter a new niche and get paid. So I thought I would put my skills to the test, and see If I can do the same.

So what niche do I plan on entering? Well, just about one of the biggest industries on earth. The clothing industry and more precisely, custom tee’s. So with that in mind, here’s my goal stated publicly for all to witness.

Can I Create a Custom T-Shirt Company & Make at least one sale in 48 hours.

My Action Plan

Phase 1 – Branding & Identity

  1. Decide on a name for my new “custom t-shirt company”(hahaha that sounds ridiculous)
  2. Get a Logo & Simple Branding Made
  3. Create a Facebook page for ‘Niched Tees’

Screenshot 2015-05-06 21.33.08

Phase 2 – Decide on an Audience

Given that the T-Shirt company would be heavily focused on custom shirts for ‘niches’ I thought I better apply that philosophy and start thinking of some unique ideas around a specific niche & audience. So off the top of my head, I picked the following;

  • Plumbers, Gymnasts & Teachers

With some target audiences in mind, the next step was to try and locate some t-shirt inspiration related to the specific niche areas. This resulted in me googling the following;

“Plumber sayings” and stumbled on Top 10 Sayings of a Plumber

” Funny teacher quotes” and discovered Funny Teaching Quotes on Pinterest 

“Funny Gymnastics quotes” and found Gymnastics Quotes on Tumblr

With more than enough ideas now floating through my mind, it was time to turn one of them into an actual design that I could place on a t-shirt.

Phase 3 – Get a T-Shirt Designed

I visited and searched for t-shirt designer, who could turn one of my ideas into a reality. Here’s what he came back with.


Handstand 2

Phase 4 – Create a Facebook Advertisement

Now that I have my design, its time to create a facebook ad set with a small budget and see if I can have AT LEAST one person purchase my t-shirt design.

My Expenses so Far

$5 – T-Shirt Design on Fiverr

$5 – Logo Design for Niched Tees

So now that you’re aware of the process, I’ll report back in 48 hours with the results of this little experiment. Will I sell anything? Will my facebook targeting be accurate? All this an more in the next post.

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