Goodbye Infusionsoft….Hello Active Campaign

This may come as a surprise to many of the people I regularly converse with on all matters related to online business……..but I’ve left Infusionsoft…..

However, To be honest, Infusionsoft propelled me to an entirely new level with my capacity to send behaviour based email. It made it possible for me to move away from the one to many broadcast philosophy, to a more one to one approach. This ultimately lead me down the path of higher open rates, higher engagement and ultimately increased my sales. All GOOD things.

So why the switch?

While Infusionsoft opened my eyes to an entirely new approach, there were ultimately many things that frustrated me from the first moment I started using it. I dismissed these things as something I simply HAD to put up with to be able to use Infusionsoft.

All of these things in retrospect we’re a complete and utter joke and scream of a software package that continues to hack away at its original code base, rather than start fresh with a more intuitive user experience.

What frustrated me?

  1. The order/checkout forms included in Infusionsoft are completely non-mobile responsive. This means that I never used them, yet paid for the privilege, to have them tied to my account. Instead, I created my checkout pages on my site using woocommerce and connected them together with the infusedwoo plugin. While this wasn’t all that difficult to do, it shouldn’t be needed for the so-called ‘premier’ solution.
  2. A/B Split Testing – The fact that this is near impossible to do in Infusionsoft is embarrassing for the amount of money you fork out. Sure you can connect a 3rd party plugin like PlusThis, but why should you need to do that.
  3. Navigation in Infusionsoft is also counter-intuitive and utterly frustrating. What should be easy to access, isn’t and when you finally find it, the bloated software takes far too long to load. This is again indication, of a hacked together code base, rather than a stripped back re-build.
  4. The mandatory setup costs, which you cannot avoid when signing up for Infusionsoft,¬†further emphasise the complexity of the system. While I initially considered this a positive, with great power comes great complexity. I’ve since come to realize that a better solution would be more intuitive, empowering people to achieve on their own. This became evident instantly in my 14 day trial of Active Campaign. I didn’t have to wait for some account rep to book a call with me and guide me through some stupid onboarding process. I was using it in minutes.
  5. Infusionsoft Arrogance – This is pretty much summed up by the fact that what was once a leader, has rested on its laurels, and in doing so, opened the door for better solutions to appear.

So what Can Active Campaign do?

Take a look at the video I prepared below showcasing exactly what I like about Active Campaign. I should point out that this video was made literally 12 hours after I first signed up. Not only is Active Campaign powerful, but its DEAD simple to use and learn.

So to Infusionsoft I say this “It was fun while It lasted, you taught me a lot about how to effectively communicate with my audience. However, now that I’ve grown up, I’m growing down to a more powerful, more flexible and ultimately more affordable solution. I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but I’ve never been so excited to use a piece of software in my life. Goodbye, Infusionsoft.
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