How I Travel the World for FREE

Over the last 4 years, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to visit and work in over 30 countries. All of this has been made possible as a direct result of my work online and the email list and social media relationships I have forged.

So what do I actually do for work in these countries? Well the answer is, run face-to-face single day training related to the various content I explore via the website. These workshops have been imperative to my growth and development and ultimately resulted in deeper connections that have fostered further travel options and increased profit with my online ventures.

Here’s how I’ve made it happen

Step 1 – List Development

1. Dedicate the majority of my energy on producing nothing but the best content in my niche. This has come in the form of blog posts, podcast episodes, FREE eBooks, FREE Webinars and much more.
2. Optimise my lead generation tools and offers to encourage as many quality & qualified leads as possible to enter my list.
3. Once a person enters my list, they are sent a follow-up email with a few more questions, one which asks them the country they teach in.
4. This country or city then gets added as a field for the contact in my mailing list.


Step 2 – Decide on a Country to Visit

The next step for me is to actually decide on a place that I would like to visit. This is usually decided based on a combination of workplace opportunities and ideal locations for rest and relaxation.  Once this all important decision has been made, I search my social media and email lists for people located in those areas.

Screenshot 2015-04-25 10.58.05


Once I’ve found the people in my contacts whom belong to the specific locations I intend to visit; this then leads to an email conversation where further details about how an in person workshop works, and the benefits they receive. This takes the form of the following email.

Screenshot 2015-04-25 11.04.49

Once I receive word from the people on the ground that they’re keen to be the host venue and receive the included goodies, we get started on scheduling the event and setting up the registration pages at Eventbrite

Step 3 – Promoting The Event

1. Create a blog post outlining the event (see example)

2. Produce a social media graphic that can be shared via all 3 of the major platforms I use such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram)


3. I then send an email to all of the people specific to that location with registration details and a coupon code to receive an early bird discount. These early bird sales are imperative to validating the event.  The reason being that once these are sold, I purchase plane tickets and accommodation.

4. Around this time, I also begin a series of Facebook Advertisements in which I target my audience within the country or city I intend to visit. These have proven to be fantastic ways to attract people from outside of my mail lists and social networks Screenshot 2015-04-25 11.17.52


5. The final major strategy is to email teachers whom have attended previous workshop events at that specific location, or those close by. As part of this email I send a discount coupon code, which enables the person to not only strongly recommend the event, but provide value to their colleagues and peers who might be keen to attend. Eventually the event reaches sells out.

Screenshot 2015-04-25 11.49.36

Step 4 – Make It An Event to Remember

As the event draws closer the focus switches to providing immense value to those people who will be attending. This comes in the form of a custom recorded video I make and email to participants prior to sign up. This video shares some of the things they can look forward to, and also a survey they can complete for more information. This information is then used by me to tailor the event as much as possible to the attendees.

The final step, and the most important thing, is to ensure that the event is nothing but spectacular in its delivery, organisation and most importantly the content that is shared. We also place enormous effort into ensuring that food and catering for the event is of the highest calibre.

On completion of the event, each participant completes a short questionnaire which also instantly produces a certificate of attendance. One of the questions I ask is

“What would you say to a friend who is thinking about attending The PE Geek Workshops?”

These responses are then stored in a Google Sheet, and are central to the future promotion of events.

Step 5 – The Killer Follow Up

Following the day of the event, I ensure to follow up with the participants via series of automated emails which provide all of the notes, resources and links explored throughout the day. To add to this I make available to every single participant a video eCourse, which serves as a replica or reminder to the content explored. This means that they can review and share the workshop with their colleagues and others whom couldn’t make it. This ultimately translates into even more positive reviews and eventual sign ups and future events.

The process then repeats itself over and over again and new venues and countries all over the world. The net result is the chance to get paid to travel to some of the worlds most amazing countries and build my list and followers by providing nothing but the highest in person value.

How could you use Live in person events in your nice to travel the world for FREE?


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