How to Start Your App Portfolio NOW

Over the last 4 years I’ve had a lot of success building and releasing iPhone and iPad apps, making it possible for me to generate a growing passive income that has enabled me to take even bigger and bigger steps.

On a number of occasions, I have been asked by friends and colleagues as to the easiest way to get started in the app world. Each and every time I share how easy it is to take your own ideas, find a developer and begin bringing it to life. However more recently I have coached a number of people into their first app release using a very different method, one which I myself have also used on multiple occasions with great success.

Enter Chupa –  The Market Place for Mobile App Components 

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Over the last few years, I have acquired the source code for many mobile apps via the Chupa website. In most cases these have been full applications that simply require a change of the graphical assets before they can be distributed onto the store under your account. This relatively easy process, makes it possible to launch an app for a limited price and kick start your portfolio. Here are a couple of the apps I have secured using this marketplace.

Easy Task Tracker 

The source code for this app was purchased for $99.99. My intention for the code was to utilise it as a component inside of an upcoming mobile app which is going to include a task manager feature, however given the minimal expense I decided to release it as an independent app called ‘Easy Task Tracker‘. Before release I simply modified the icon and came up with a new suitable name that would compliment the rest of my apps. Although, I made Easy Task Tracker a FREE app, its the amount of downloads and redirects to my other apps that I’m interested within. Essentially becoming a gateway drug to my other apps and products. In recent months I’ve also released other apps with the intent to drive traffic to my flagship apps including; Easy Password, PasswordVault & Group Budget Tracker

However listing FREE apps is great, but what can you use this method to generate a passive income. Of course you can and I’ve been fortunate on a number of occasions to do exactly this with source code acquisitions.


Early on in my app development journey I stumbled across the source code for $40 that would enable me to release a QR Code scanning app. Given the use of QR Codes was a growing trend amongst my niche, it made sense to release an app in this space. Even though literally hundreds of similar apps exist in the store, this would be different in that it would be promoted and targeted directly towards my audience. To say this $40 investment paid off is an understatement.

Screenshot 2015-01-12 18.45.04

So as you can see, it is most certainly possible to fast track your development and build your app portfolio now with the purchase of acquisition of source code.  With a relatively low price of entry, you can get your app portfolio started and begin attracting customers. The apps can be sold for profit, or used to direct customers to your paid products.


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