My Social Media Roadmap

Following on from recent discussions with friends surrounding how I’ve been leveraging Instagram over the last few months, I’ve decided to lay out my entire social media outreach processes, all with the goal of getting people back to my site/email list;

The overall picture below highlights how all centres from the blog/podcast episodes. It also shows which pieces we boost with paid traffic.


The process
1. Blog post/podcast goes LIVE at
2. RSS feed fires and updates a SLACK channel for VA to attend to placing content into meet edgar
3. WordPress Plugin autoposts the blog post feature image to pinterest
4. Recurring IFTT sends me a text message on each Wednesday reminding me to announce the the blog post/podcast content via Anchor & Periscope
5. Podcast Audio is turned into YouTube Videos by VA
6. Podcast Transcripts are are turned into PDF
8. VA turns Podcast audio into a 24 second Clammr post – these are cross posted to Twitter also

Tools to Make this happen

  1. Edgar – Lets me schedule evergreen content to linkedin,twitter,facebook page
  2. Pinterest automatic wordpress plugin – auto publish feature image to specific boards
  3. – lets a VA download instagram or twitter videos to MP4

Original Content on Instagram



The Process
1. Original content produced using the template outlined in the following post
2. Using ZAPIER I have a zap that triggers based on specific hashtags used on posts eg #pegeektv – these trigger specific messages to VA in slack
3. VA downloads instagram video using SAVEDEO and uploads to my video podcast PE Geek TV
4. Share instagram posts direct to Facebook and boost for $30 – see example result



Tools to Make this happen
1. – Lets a VA schedule instagram photos/videos direct from a computer
2. – lets a VA download instagram or twitter videos to MP4

Let me know if you have any questions about this process

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