Selling with Automatic Deadline Funnels

Scarcity has always been a powerful motivator for encouraging my users to make purchases. This has included them finally purchasing after seeing that the product is about to close, increase in price or has a limited number of places left. Each and every time I’ve ever used true scarcity in my marketing it has lead to a flood of new customers. However, while it has massive impact,  the entire process can be tiring for the audience, the marketer & is more often than not abused by people who fake the scarcity element. NOT COOL.

So when it came time to open my community back in November of 2015, I made a decision to use an always open model. This enabled me to avoid the fake scarcity trick & let users in at any stage they like. The problem with this however is that there is literally NO scarcity at all & this means that many users have likely not signed up because they could simply return at a later stage and do so. Now as I strongly believe in my products ability to impact, I need to make it even more likely for people to get inside & one way I can achieve that is by using REAL scarcity.

How do you do this on scale? Automatically? and without fatiguing your entire email list?

Enter Deadline Funnel – An epic new software product which enables you make individualised time sensitive deadlines for your audience. In my case, letting me automatically open & close my community for enrolment that is specific to the individual person rather than the entire list of people.

 Here’s how it works.
1. Visitors go to & notice that community is now available on a waitlist only. They want the product so jump on the list to hear more.

2. After registering for the list they are sent to the followig page

3. This adds them to an Active Campaign Holding Automation (see below) which fires on the 2nd & 16th of each month.


4. This automation sends them to the deadline funnel automation which completes the launch. It starts by completing a ‘post’ to deadline funnel which sends the users data such as name & email across, creating their custom deadline link


5. My deadline closes in 72 hours from the users receiving the first email – with the following floating bar appearing on all of their devices. If they click the cloaked link in the email on any device they will see the current timer.


6. If they purchase they are removed from the automation & waitlist instantly.

7. If they don’t purchase and the link expires it sends them back to expired page asking them to join the waitlist again.

8. If a friend visits the sales page by uncloaking the URL and is currently being tracked by deadline funnel it reverts them to the opt in page.

As this has just been switched on, I’m unable to report back with how its impacted sales & new members but I will be sure to report back with the findings of this little scarcity driven experiment in due time.

How could you use scarcity in your marketing? 

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