The Tech Behind A Membership Site

Over the last year I’ve been super busy crafting the member experience & content on one of my main online income streams, ‘The ConnectedPE Community’. This community recently reached its 1st birthday and to celebrate I got started on a brand new design that would take the community to a whole new level.

Take a look at the new design & function below;

As soon as I released this new community experience, a number of people contacted me to explain in more detail exactly what I was using to bring it all to life. With that in mind, here is a list of the tech behind the scenes making it happen.
1. WordPress
2. Learndash LMS Plugin
3. Social Learner theme by BuddyBoss
4. Thrivecart for payment processing
5. ActiveCampaign for tagging members with ‘community’ tag following purchase
6. ActiveMember360 Plugin to check the ‘community’ tag and provide access to the site
While this might seem like a lot of moving pieces, the reality is that any community experience that captures payment & provides access to restricted pages & content will require just as many working pieces. Since the launch the community has grown from strength to strength in helping members reach the core objective of the site & at present where adding around 40 new annual members monthly, with goals to reach 1000 annual recurring members by the years end.
Do you have a membership site? If so, how is yours setup?

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