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Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting ‘Dan Norris‘, the man behind the incredible WPCurve service as well as the books ‘7 Day Startup‘ & ‘Content Machine‘.  To put it simply, this man is an absolute genius and over the past few months since I have read and learnt as much as I can from him and his philosophy on startups, online business and lifestyle design.

It didn’t take me too long to start thinking attempting my own 7 Day Startup – Could I do it? Could I generate a new business from nothing in a new space in 7 days? It was time to see.

The Background

At the exact same time that I was thinking about trialling a 7 Day Startup Approach, my friend got in contact with me to discuss the future of our Graphic Designer. A year prior we had hired him together on a 50:50 basis. While he had been producing exceptional work for the both of us, my friends position had changed and he was no longer in need of that much graphic design. He asked me if I would be interested in taking him on full time or If I knew of someone who might be willing to share.

Then an idea struck me – Could this be the perfect opportunity to launch a service around graphic design? Would people be willing to share a dedicated graphic designer? No harm in trying.

The Process

1. The first step was to ask my close circle of Entrepreneur friends if they were interested in connecting with a graphic designer. As you can see from the post below I didn’t take me long to compose the question.


2. Within 10 minutes of posting the above question I had received 3 private messages asking for more information. At this stage, I explained how the current relationship with my friend had worked and how they could jump on board and get access for their own businesses.
3. Immediately they loved the concept and asked instantly what the price would be – to their amazement it was incredibly affordable. All 3 of them wanted In
4. At this stage of the process (literally one hour since the idea occured) I set up a recurring monthly subscription link via PayPal and sent it to all 3 of the people who had expressed interest.
5. They signed up and without really trying my new startup was born
6. Over the next week I got in touch with some other contacts via Facebook which resulted in a total of 8 sign-ups by the end of the week.
Next Steps

Flash forward to today, a complete month later and all of our early adopters have loved the service and renewed their subscriptions for another month. We’ve also fine-tuned the processes in the backend to focus on scaling it for growth.

So without further delay – I’m introducing ‘Design Hustlr’ – An unlimited design service with no monthly contracts. We think you will LOVE IT


P.S – During our phase two launch we’re limiting access to a handful of new users. If you want to jump in while the price is the lowest it will ever be. Then I strongly suggest you act now.

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